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Need a Job? Here’s Some basic advice!

  • Have a Job Target You Believe In

  • Create a Plan

  • Develop Your Career Story

  • Apply Even If You're Not a 100 Percent Match

  • Go on Informational Interviews

  • Brand Yourself

  • Speak with a professional Career Matchmaker

Informative Interview

The Best Tips to Find Your Dream Job

1. Be vulnerable. It’s okay to ask people for advice!

2. Create your position. Don’t just sit around waiting for your “dream job” to open.

3. Learn how to listen. Job seekers are so caught up in conveying a certain message and image to the employer that they often fail to listen.

4. Start at the top and move down

5. Don’t apply for a job as soon as you find it. Be strategic about it! Build a plan to make sure your application shines!  

6. Focus on body language. You’ve probably heard this before—but job candidates don’t take it seriously enough.

Standing Meeting
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